Founder of Local Voice for Development
Bob Bragar, the Netherlands
Advisor to impact practitioners and investors

     Aris Alip, the Philippines
Managing Director, CARD MRI

     Michael Kortenbusch, Switzerland 
Managing Director at BFC Consulting

     Zanele Mbeki, the Republic of South Africa
Chair of the Women's Development Bank Trust & former First Lady of the
Republic of South Africa

     Kimanthi Mutua, Kenya
Co-Founder of the K-Rep Group

      Nina Nayar, India 
Expert in Microfinance & Development

     Sanjay Sinha, India 
Managing Director of MicroCredit Ratings International and a member of the UN Advisors Group on Inclusive Financial Sectors

     Damian von Stauffenberg, USA - Germany
Founder of MicroRate

     Robbie Checkoway, USA
Text Wizard

     Amanda Colby, USA
Director of Social Media
"Empowering people to live self-sufficiently and giving them the means and opportunity to live a fulfilled life is the greatest gift."

     Herma Hulst, the Netherlands
Communications & Public Relations

     Bill Monsour, the Netherlands
Communications & Presentation
"Microfinance is the face of the future and a new economy. So, let's not mess it up."


Background photo courtesy of Microcredit Summit Campaign